Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

Grand Tour; Glen Beanie - Venice


I've added a new gallery of images (HERE or click image) to complement the previous Biennale gallery.
This was a work I planned before going and is part of my Glen Beanie project, or rather a project that has developed from my Folds project. The working title 'Cultures' is work in progress as far as selection and the accompanying text etc..

from; Cultures © George Logan 2017