Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

Fruitmarket Gallery - Artists Book Market


I'll be showing some of my 'artist books' with fellow artist Chris Partridge, who will also be showing her excellent and inventive books at the Fruitmarket Gallery, who are working in conjunction with Stills Gallery. Not sure which venue we will be at but going by previous years it will be really interesting regardless. (Update: We will be at Stills both days)
Here is their blurb:
'Sat 17 and Sun 18th. 2018, 11am–6pm
Artists’ BookMarket is The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh’s celebration of artists’ book culture. This year we are partnering with our neighbour Stills Centre for Photography, in an expansion of our annual event.
Each year, we attract more than two thousand collectors and enthusiasts to make this date with artists’ books and artist-led publishing. This year we will have over 50 stalls with work for sale. The accompanying events ensure continuous activity in the spaces and this year events and workshops will be programmed to encourage visitors to move between our two sites over a busy weekend.

This is a page spread from one of the books I'm currently working on; titled 'Orchards - acts of creation'.  Using texts from Boswell and Johnson it focusses on perceptions of culture in the 18th century. Complimented with a few of my Carse of Gowrie Orchards project images.

screengrab orchard book © George Logan