Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

BookMarket at the Stills Gallery


The weekend was spent showing our (with Chris Partridge) work at the BookMarket event in the Stills Gallery, Edinburgh. It was really interesting and worthwhile if somewhat tiring, complete collapse when finally home on Sunday evening.

There was some incredibly interesting and creative work being shown, with lots of ideas to follow through. The Fruitmarket was the main venue and they had more graphical form and text based work, as opposed to Stills photo image based. 

One of the books at the Fruitmarket Gallery that has stuck in my mind, with several just below the surface, was called 'Do Not Touch', a curious book of uninspiring grey images (pavement or concrete wall ??) repeated with the words 'Do Not Touch' across. I honestly couldn't figure what it was about, given the short time looking at it but somehow it has lodged itself in my mind, many other books of interest there also. At Stills, again some amazing work, lots of self published books. Two stands that I'll mention and link are; Gordian & Projects and Pupilsphere. Both young publishing enterprises that are forging a way forward, with photography and texts in a cost effective book form. Nicely printed, colour and monochrome, also very nicely presented. Could this be the route to see some excellent photography and creative ideas when its not being given the exposure in galleries, or for that matter in publications ? A quick mention also to Jessie Churchill, I purchased her Croi book, nice observational photography. 

Talking of publications, the 'Scottish Society for the History of Photography' had a table with their publication and despite the name contained much in the way of interesting contemporary photography, though rather tediously they tended to be the same old bloody names. A good worthwhile publication so don't wish to knock it too much but after Portfolio magazine of old with its clique of artists I hope Sshop doesn't go the same way.

I did sell a few books and it was good chatting to people, definitely worthwhile. However I came away with a few publications purchased myself :o