Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

Time passes


Its a long time since my last post but I've not been idle, far from it. Quite a bit of commercial work (a few examples can be seen HERE ) and new personal projects. Plus a really superb visit to the Venice Biennale (Selection HERE), that included not just seeing the amazing art but also creating work that is an extension to my ongoing Glen Beanie Grand Tour project as well. I'll talk about that in a following post.

Other personal projects include a new collaboration with my friend Christine Partridge that I worked with on our Darkness Reflected body of work. This time we are working in a local ancient woodland (see previous post). There are several facets to our work but a couple of my images can be seen below, the work is slowly taking shape and morphing as I work with the subject.

from the Wood series © George Logan

from the Wood series © George Logan

Darkness Reflected


darkness reflected © george logan

Darkness Reflected is a collaboration with artist Christine Partridge, the exhibition is now set for Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh. It includes Chris's paintings, sculptures, our collaborative video and my photography. My part of the exhibition apart from the video deals with the vision and trauma of First World War soldiers. That is assuming I can get access to the Black Watch Museum in Perth, as the archive after initial contact and securing access has been closed, making for a very frustrating period and an ever closing window for the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 17 - 28th February 2017. 11am - 5pm
Patriothall Gallery, 1 Patriothall off Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. EH3 5AY.

Opening night is on the 16th, 6-8pm With an artist talk on Saturday 25 th February 11.00 -12.30.

Man in the clouds


man in the clouds © George Logan

Kinclaven wood


Some images from a new project in Kinclaven wood. I'm thinking there's a dark interior ambience to the wood, quiet, slow but also naturally powerful.

Kinclaven wood 1 © George Logan

Kinclaven wood 2 © George Logan

Kinclaven wood 4 © George LoganKinclaven wood 3 © George Logan

New work ~ Working title, "Witness'.


The start of a new series, though I've been working on it for a while, that will form part of my collaboration with artist Chris Partridge. The images  (not those below) will be from the photographic archive of the Black Watch museum.

eye 3 © george logan

eye 2 © george logan

eye 1 © george logan

Parkneuk Four Poster


What turned out to be a showery day last Saturday (1 October) helped produce this panorama. Its of the small four poster stone circle at Parkneuk near Drimmie. For the past few years its had a protective fence around it but for some reason that has gone. In the past the area, that also contains remnants of another possible circle (off to the right of the picture and in woodland) has had a low surrounding wall. Possibly just enough to keep livestock away but has long been breached.

Parkneuk stone circle © George Logan

Deceiver or not


Amethyst Deceiver © George LoganAmethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina) 
I came across this fairly common fungi the other day at the base of a giant pollarded beech in a local wood. It's a very pretty little fungi and easily overlooked, certainly worth a photograph or two.
More info HERE and lots elsewhere on the net.

Amethyst Deceiver © George Logan

Me myself I


pic of me © Christine PartridgeI rarely like photographs of myself but this one I'm very happy with, ... well reasonably so.

Picture by Christine Partridge.

A favourite location - Craig Fonvuick - zoomable panorama


looking over Killiekrankie towards beinn a ghlo © George LoganA birthday wander on the 24th to a favourite spot on Craig Fonvuick above Killiekrankie, up from Tenandry. In part for the view but also to see if there were any Scotch Argus butterflies out and about. It was a glorious warm blue sky day, just perfect. In all I spotted 22 Scotch Argus and added three Speckled Wood as well, these I hadn't come across before.

The panorama is self explanatory. It's not 'dramatic' but that's not the point, more just showing a lovely and interesting landscape one hot summer's afternoon in 2016. 
Down towards Blair Atholl on the left you can see the preparations for the Horse Trials and over on the right Ben Vrackie.

The Zoomable Panorama can be found: HERE or click on the image.

Fold above Allt Coire Shith - zoomable panorama


fold © George LoganThis fold and accompanying shieling huts is on a south facing slope above Allt Coire Shith by Ben Gulabin and up from Gleann Taitneach. More details can be found: HERE

The fold is on quite a considerable slope that is difficult to portray at this angle. Like many folds it's half way up the hillside, a possibly more contemporary fold is located down by the stream that you can zoom into. Not mentioned in the Canmore records above is that on the slight track back towards Gleann Taitneach is a short wall section, approximately 20m. long going up the hillside with the path cutting mid way through. With the general layout I'm guessing it was both a gentle barrier preventing livestock from then dropping back down into Gleann Taitneach and also to help guide them through the gap down from or up to the shieling grounds, preventing them straying too far and wide.

The Zoomable Panorama can be found: HERE or click on the image

Gleann Beag / Glenshee - zoomable panorama


glenshee hills © George Logan

Following a walk last week along Glen Taitneach and then over behind Ben Gulabin to principally view a nice fold and shieling area, I later came around to this view of Gleann Beag, looking towards the hills with the Cairnwell and Glas Maol. It was a very hot and slightly hazy day so the distant clarity was not ideal but still ok. It's a grand viewpoint, showing the hills and also the archaeology on the slopes down to the river on its eastern (right hand) side. Below Creag Deargh there are also old field cultivation and just at its foot a very nice four poster stone 'circle', with one main stone still in situ. 
Can you spot the herd of Red Deer, mostly stags.

The inset image is of a lovely plant called Grass-of-Parnassus a great swath of which was nearby.

The zoomable panorama can be viewed: HERE or click on the image.

Taking my camera for a walk


A few images while taking my camera for a walk.

Blairgowrie © George LoganBlairgowrie © George LoganBlairgowrie © George Logan

Blairgowrie © George Logan

Blairgowrie © George Logan

Corbenic pond © George Logan

Blairgowrie © George Logan